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As we head into the insanity of the big finale of “Dead Presidents,” the first DEADPOOL storyline of the Marvel NOW! era, Wade Wilson fans will wonder what comes next—a question that only his writers can answer.

So, we wrangled co-writer Gerry Duggan and asked him what sort of deviltry Deadpool’s getting into with DEADPOOL #7, a special flashback tale coming this April. As it turned out, “devil” seemed to be the right word for the story. Gerry, how will you and Brian ever top “Dead Presidents”? And will there be any spillover from that story into the new one?

Gerry Duggan: Yes, some new friends will be sticking around. In terms of how it follows up, this story is a little smaller in scope and has more to do with Deadpool and how he interacts with his friends. It might get…unpleasant. We’ve heard that first Deadpool gets involved in Iron Man’s past—what’s the story there?

Gerry Duggan: That story—“Demon in a Bottle”—has long been a favorite of both mine and [co-writer] Brian [Posehn]. For Deadpool, the story introduces us to a new villain, and makes him an old one at the same time. The idea for a comic that was written and drawn back in the day but not printed until now came from editor Jordan D. White, and we were thrilled with it. We’ll probably use this one-shot “inventory” issue format between larger arcs moving forward. It’s fun, it’s different, and it allows the regular artists to have a one issue cushion to spend more time on their pages; but the primary reason to do it is that it’s fun. So, then, a demon seeks out Wade for soul reclamation? What would it see in Deadpool for such a task?

Gerry Duggan: Well, the poor demon thinks it has some leverage on Deadpool as a result of the flashback issue, DEADPOOL #7. Whether or not he actually does is to be debated.  Not everyone will take work-for-hire from a demon. Deadpool lacks those scruples so he’s an attractive hire for a citizen of hell. This begs the question of what’s his current attitude towards demons and how might that figure into the chaos?

Gerry Duggan: Ain’t nobody got time for that! Wade’s confident that he can get out of this jam. The good news for Wade is that if he confronts a demon and loses, it will be a good, long while before he would pay up with his soul; not everyone is so lucky of course. Now, we were just handed a note that says that Deadpool also gets in touch with his feminine side—was he always aware that he had one?

Gerry Duggan: That’s an interesting question. It’s not like we’ve got him cross dressing, oh no, wait, that happened in issue #4. Um, anyway, I don’t want to give away too much. Or freak people out. Let’s try this: what other guest-stars will we see pop up in this arc?

Gerry Duggan: Is your guest-star sense tingling? Mine is. DEADPOOL #10 will have the biggest star of the Marvel Universe, and then the third arc is titled “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Deadpool is the ugly in that equation, and we’ll leave you to guess about who the good and the bad are. It’s going to be a fun story that will leave some ripples in the Marvel Universe pond. Now, who will be providing the art on the second story?

Gerry Duggan: We’re following up Tony Moore with Mike Hawthorne, and we could not be happier. I became aware of Mike on his excellent Fear Agent work. His art is tremendous. We’re really lucky. Anybody expecting a dip in the art quality is wrong and will have to fight me. But I get a weapon, and they don’t. What keeps you and Brian going on DEADPOOL? Do you try to make each other laugh?

Gerry Duggan: Yes, if we both laugh, and if Jordan doesn’t say no, it usually stays in. As happy as I am that people are laughing in the right places, I’m also looking forward to telling some important stories in the Marvel Universe. I hope we’ll always write DEADPOOL with some humor, but we’re also getting ready to flex some other muscles. Should be fun. Thanks again to everyone that’s been checking us out. Our debut was great.

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