In a wild bit of later evening news last night, eBay turned up some Marvel Universe scale Deadpool Corps action figures!! Championpool, Dogpool, Kid Deadpool and Lady Deadpool!

MUReview was able to snag a Championpool but missed out on most of the rest.  While we can’t wait to have a look at it in hand and share with you, let’s discuss the obvious.

  • We still haven’t heard about an SDCC exclusive for Marvel Universe…this smells like one….
  • The only ‘figure’ not included in what appears to be this ‘release’ is Headpool.  It’d be a shame to get the Corps without him, so here is hoping that he’s an inbox pack in (like Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy set).
  • Let’s realize also that we can see four figures…and the Guardians set also had four figures…including Groot.

Just my cents of speculation. I’m sure the fine folks at Hasbro will have us all salivating with official images pricing and a release date soon enough…or not soon enough.

For now, keep an eye on THIS eBay seller to see if anymore pop up.  Check his completed listings for details and images (nothing you haven’t seen below).


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