Brandon Routh (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Superman Returns) suited up for the launch of DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) on Xbox One with an exclusive play session with Daybreak’s Executive Creative Director Jens Andersen.


In DCUO, players create their own Super Heroes or Super-Villains to protect or cause chaos in the sprawling comic worlds of Metropolis, Gotham City and beyond.Watch as Brandon takes on Scarecrow and Bane as an Atom-inspired Super Hero. Can he channel his inner Atom to defeat these Super-Villains? Check out the action on YouTube here to find out: 


DC Universe Online is an action-based massively multiple player online game. As the only MMO set in the DC Universe, players are welcomed into an immersive environment with fascinating plot lines and fast-paced, physics-based combat where they can fight alongside (or against) legendary DC Comics characters. DC Universe Online is available on the PC, PlayStation® 3 and PlayStation 4, and launched on the Xbox One on April 29, 2016.

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