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DC Comics Icons Wave 6 Supergirl

Five months. It has been five months since we had the sweet scent of freshly unboxed DC Collectibled DC Icons plastic filling our nose holes.  That’s approximately a lot of months too long, and knowing that the pot of gold is quickly approaching at the end of the DC Icons rainbow makes writing this first Wave 6 / 2017 Wave 2 DC Icons post bitter sweet.  I’ll whine more about impending doom later.  But for now, let’s talk about a thing of beauty.  This Supergirl figure!  Featured as number 25 on the side of the package, this is Rebirth Supergirl.

The Good | The Bad The Rest | Availability Photos

The Good

  • Stunning head sculpt.  highly comic accurate.  The hair is full of sculpt detail and color proper.  
  • Alternate heat vision head, while intensely creepy without the heat vision blasts attached, is also comic accurate, incredibly well sculpted.
  • Heat vision blasts fit perfectly in those eerie empty eye sockets.
  • Supergirl’s Rebirth costume is nailed dead on here.  To boot, she’s a head swap away from a reasonable and believable CW Supergirl custom.  The outfits are highly similar.  
  • Included fight stand looks great, it’s sturdy, and she fits perfectly on it.
  • Supergirl has 3 sets of hands (closed fists attached, open fists and “flight pose” hands).
  • Tons of excellent articulation included here.  Legs are not limited by skirt or cape.  

The Bad

  • The way her cape covers her shoulders does hinder upward movement of her arms limiting flight poses.
  • Also hindering true flight poses is the age old Icons “look up” limitation.

The Rest

Our first look at DC Icons wave next, and technically last full wave here starts off with a bang.  Supergirl is a very solid all around figure.  She looks fantastic.  Not only did DC Icons do an outstanding job with figure design and character replication here, but DC Comics Rebirth did an amazing job of recapturing all of the things many of us love about the look of Supergirl from our younger years, while modernizing her and keeping her current.  Interesting thought to end the kickoff here.  DC Icons as a line is ending.  DC Collectibles will be launching a new line in it’s place, DC Essentials.  The figures, while very similar in look, design and articulation are bigger, 6-6.5″ in scale.  I would suggest that at least 3 of the four figures in this wave would / could / should fit perfectly against the new scale, Supergirl included, as well as the Super Sons set…because hey, they are kids.  Time will tell, so will pictures and side by side comparisons, but I think my guess will prove right.  





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