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DC Comics Icons Wave 6 Group Shots

That’s all there is for Wave 6 (2017 Wave 2).  It may be literally all there is of the DC Icons line, though there is a Superman / Doomsday versus pack announced, it is still to be determined if it will retain the Icons numbering, as packaging has yet been shown (at least that I know of), we don’t know yet.  Whether or not we get number 27, it’s safe to consider this the end of the road for what turned out to be one of my favorite toy lines of all time and I am heartbroken to see it ride off into the sunset.  So many figures we didn’t get, so much potential unfulfilled.  So many figures taken right off the table after being announced.  Sinestro, Shazam, Etrigan, Blue Beetle / Booster Gold 2-pack, Deadshot.  I am incredibly thankful for all of the figures we did get in this line thought, right up through what I consider to be a “phew, that was a close one” moment with Nightwing.  I will keep this line on my shelves and display it proudly for as long as I have a shelf to display figures. I am looking forward to the line that replaces Icons though, DC Essentials.  DC Collectibles has listend to the teeming masses that spoke with their wallets and Internet faces saying they wanted a 6 inch line of figures, with more articulation, and that’s what they are giving us, and as soon as 2018.  So keep eyes and ears out.  We love and support DC Collectibles in all things, and our support will be behind DC Essentials as well.  Here’s to a future rich with incredible DC Super Hero figures!  Now go look at the pretty pictures.  




MUReview received these figures for free for review purposes from Hasbro


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