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DC Comics Icons Wave 5 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman celebrates her 75th in 2017.  I think that probably answers the question of why we haven’t seen her in Icons until now.  As far as Super Hero Icons go, Wonder Woman is probably at least in the top 3 of all time, certainly at least one of the top 3 that if you asked anyone, the name of three heroes…she’s in that short list.  That said, we definitely have waited too long to get Wonder Woman, holding her for the anniversary celebration or not.  I’m glad that in the span of a month or so, Icons has given us two, and they are definitely different enough to warrant a look at each!

The Good

  • Wonder Woman is full of incredible sculpted pieces.  All of her armor, shin, forearm, looks great and adds a layer of sturdiness to the character.  She’s even got armor on the backs of her hands!
  • Sculpted W’s, chest eagle, all look fantastic.
  • Wonder Woman gets a hanging hook for her lasso and two different versions of her lasso!  
  • The mechanism employed to mount her shield to her wrist and back is well executed and while there are some flaws with the mounts / positions of the mounts themselves, the shield works out pretty well.
  • Wonder Woman has her sword and a look to holster it as well.  It looks great hanging or in hand.

The Bad

  • Wonder Woman’s hair, while stunning and highly detailed gives this figure a few problems.  Her back shield mount is tough to reach and position properly with the shield attached due to impedance by the hair.  Wonder Woman’s head movement is also heavily limited by her hair.
  • Wonder Woman’s wrist shield mount is very loose and mounting the shield to it, the weight of the shield causes a good bit of floopyness.  Yes…floopyness, look it up, you will find nothing.

The Differences

  • The differences between this figure and the JL Box set Rebirth WW should be noted, they aren’t good or bad though, so I’m putting them here.  
  • This Wonder Woman is significantly smaller than the JL Rebirth Wonder Woman.  
  • While the face, head, and hair all look the same, the single card Wonder Woman has a noticable look down force due to how the hair sits on her head / against her shoulders, while the Rebirth figure does not.
  • The uniform is of course, very different, depicting two separate versions of Wonder Woman.
  • The single figure features accessories while the team pack figure does not.

The rest

Hot on the heels of the Rebirth Justice League Team Pack, we get our first single carded Wonder Woman DC Icons figure.  She’s beautiful and she’s definitely different than the Rebirth figure.  If you need Wonder Woman in your collection and you aren’t looking for the rest of the JL, this figure is your prime option.  It’s not without some minor flaws, but you like me, will probably be pretty happy with her when all is said and done.  She’s got the sword, the shield, the lasso.  It’s all there in new 52 glory.


Go pre-order her now at Big Bad Toy Store!  Check your Local Comic Shop too!


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