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DC Comics Icons Wave 5 Swamp Thing

It probably makes me a bad comic fan, but Swamp Thing is one of those rare characters from any comic universe where I am only familiar with the character because of the TV show.  I really hadn’t even known there were two Swamp Thing movies out in the wild by the time I was enjoying the show, and I did really enjoy the show.  I was young though.  When the first movie came out I was 3, the second, I was 10.  So that’s my excuse. Either way, it’s 2017.  Swamp Thing still has a comic running all the way up through DC’s Rebirth.  Today, he gets a very faithful figure by way of DC Icons.  Let’s have a look. 

The Good

  • Un-Man is the creepiest accessory for any action figure or toy I have ever owned.  The coloring is eerily flesh, the sculpt is Un(haaa)real.
  • He’s the tallest Icon (except for Darkseid) which is well in scale with the line.
  • Good articulation for this hulking figure, double jointed all the things, ankle rockets, ab crunch.  He’s not an acrobatic character, this is more than sufficient.
  • Swamp Things face is really faithfully captured here.

The Bad

  • If I had any complaints with this figure, while the height is right, I think I’d like to see him a little bulkier.
  • I’d also like to see some swamp accessories, maybe a swampy cloak you could drape over him or something like that.

The rest

Swamp Thing is a solid entry in the DC Icons line.  He’s a figure of a character I enjoyed from my childhood and I’m really excited to have him on my shelf.  I’m happy he stands taller than my other Icons, a little disappointed he’s not bulkier, but overall, this is a really nice figure and you should go for it!


Swamp Thing is a figure you can go to a store and buy today, and you should!  That said, hit up Big Bad Toy Store for a very affordable order!


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