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DC Comics Icons Wave 5 Static

Static is finally here!  One of the earliest figures noted to be part of the DC Icons line, and now at least sort of different than when we first saw him, we’ve got him.  All things being equal, I’m not entirely familiar with Static.  Regardless of my lack of knowledge though, and the changes to how he was originally to be released, we still have a great figure, so let’s dig in.

The Good

  • Exceptionally sharp, clean paint job.  Static does not have an overly complicated costume, what detail he features though is incredibly well represented.
  • Alternate heads included, one with his cowl, the other is cowled with Static’s “X” hat over it.
  • Static comes with one of the cooler accessories yet to be featured with an Icon figure, an electricity effect stand that supports a man hole cover with a foot peg.  Placing Static on the cover gives a fantastic electric float effect that I wish they would have adapted, or pioneered with Firestorm!
  • The paint coloring on Static is page perfect and really very pretty to look at.

The Bad

  • Static was originally displayed as a “deluxe” figure with a higher price point.  For what are I’m sure, good reasons, DC Collectibles scaled the figure down to a standard single card release and at least one key accessory was removed, the trench coat.  As unfamiliar as I am with the character, when you google Static or Static Shock, most pictures feature him in a trench coat…c’est la vie.
  • While the electricity effect stand is brilliant, that’s all the electricity included with static, hand bolts?  


The rest

Static is a beautiful figure.  That is something that DC Icons has delivered over and over again, just shockingly pretty 5-6 inch figures.  I almost feel spoiled saying that I wish there was a little more to this figure.  It’s my website though, so I guess I can.  Either way, I bought him, should you?  If you like Static, this is a perfect option.  Go for it!  There is something else here I need to make a note of.  I (very irresponsibly) opened this figure.  If you notice the name printed on the window side of his box, it says Deathstroke!  A manufacturing error!  How could I not put this on eBay and make millions!?!?  Truth be told, I totally didn’t want to drive back to the comic book store and buy another one.  And because of that, my children won’t be able to afford college!  I kid, I kid.  This was however the first time (at least the first time that I noticed) that I had a packaging error on any figure I’ve ever opened.  It was a small thing, subtle, but after I called the comic book store to confirm it was an error and the other Statics in store had the right name on the window, I felt special for a second, DC Icons will always have that place in my heart!


Ohhh that In Stock label at Big Bad Toy Store warms the cockles of my heart.  Go get Static now! 


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