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DC Comics Icons Wave 5 Deathstroke

I feel as though this may be irresponsible of me, but I don’t even care.  You don’t really have to read this review.  Do not pass go, just go right to your LCS, or favorite online place to buy figures, and buy Deathstroke.  He’s making a strong bid for figure of the year and it’s only April.  I really haven’t seen paint like this on any figure before, he’s gorgeous, you need to buy him, the rest is semantics, but for the sake of my own ego, I will share my thoughts with you anyway.

The Good

  • The paint on this figure is astonishing.  The shimmer effect is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  It’s plastic that looks metal and it is beautiful.  
  • Great pieces and detail on the sculpted belt, grenades, pouches, tons to love.
  • Two heads are better than one.  You have the classic masked look with nice long tails, and the eye patched unmasked head.  What I really dig about that, I’ve gotten figures before where the hair covers one side of the face, and if you move the hair, there is no eye painted on…here, Deathstroke has an eyepatch and you can actually see his eyebrow coming out of it!  Otherwise the face looks perfectly grizzled and Deathstrokey.
  • The weapons included, really fantastic. His sword is highly detailed, fits perfectly in the scabbard, and the scabbard clicks into DSs back easily and solidy.  His revolver has a holster, always love that, and he carries a big stick!
  • Very solid figure movement / articulation here, feels flexible.
  • A lot of great detail, check out his wrists with additional detail on his gloves. 
  • Those boot flaps are just dead on.

The Bad

  • I don’t even have a nitpicky thing to say about Slade.  This figure is all I have ever wanted in a Deathstroke.  I’ve owned quite a few and this crushes them all.

The rest

Deathstroke is an achievement in figure making and if you want him you should grab him now because before long he’s going to be impossible to find.  Speaking of impossible to find, I’m going to use this section in my first review since the news came out to address the rough news out of camp DC Collectibles.  A solid chunk of DC Icons figures have been canceled due to lack of sales / pre-sales.  I’m paraphrasing, I’m sure there was more driving the decision, but that’s the buzz.  Affected figures, Catwoman, Etrigan, Booster Gold / Blue Beetle 2-pack, Deadshot, Shazam, and Sinestro.  I had pre-orders on all of them, wanted all of them, and there are a few in that list that were very high on my want sheet.  What is still coming?  Supergirl, Nightwing, Iconic moments Superman and Doomsday, and the Damien Wayne / Superboy 2-pack.  It’s a much skinnier offering in 2017 than was originally planned and I’m bummed.  I’ve done all I can to support this line and will continue to do so.  Folks have complaints about articulation and scale.  Scale at least I’ve always taken as a plus, a differentiation point.  Articulation, it’s not unimportant, and there are some still existing flaws in Icons, the ability to look up higher does not a figure break.  Once I get a figure, they go on a shelf and I admire them.  If they can’t get into a pose I want, I put them in a different one and I move on.  I’m not being critical of folks who are critical of these points, but for me, they don’t diminish the incredible art that DC Collectibles is delivering with this line.  What is diminishing that art is lack of sales / pre-sales.  So if you want these figures, pre-order them online, at your LCS, whatever you have to do.  Let’s keep these characters coming, because while I’m bummed about the lost figures above, I’m going to be truly devastated if this line doesn’t make it to Doctor Fate and Red Tornado.  I got rid of all of my DC Universe Classics and went all in here.  I still think it was the right bet, these figures are stunning.  Get on board!  PS, I’m not going into this point for the upcoming Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Static or Cyborg reviews. 


DC Icons Deathstroke is shipping now at Big Bad Toy Store!  Visit your Local Comic Shop too!


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