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DC Comics Icons Deluxe Cyborg

Cyborg is another long awaited figure in the DC Icons line, that, like Wonder Woman, was address in the prior month release of the Rebirth Justice League 7-Pack.  However, unlike Wonder Woman, who featured two totally different figures between the team pack and the single release, Cyborg, to my only moderately untrained eye is the exact same figure released in that box set with the notable difference being accessories, and there are many, many, many!  Mind you, this is a deluxe figure, so his price tag will be a little higher.  Is he worth the cost of admission?

The Good

  • This is the same figure as the Justice League Rebirth Team Pack and that is a good thing, it was an awesome figure the first go round, it’s still awesome.  
  • Awesome bulk to the character.
  • Incredible metallic paint wash!
  • Cyborg head is perfectly captured.
  • Good articulation here all around, double joints, ab crunch, reasonable head movement.
  • The additional molded on forearm guards are an incredible touch of detail.
  • This deluxe figure comes with a ton of great accessorites.  A generator, two alternate blaster forearm / hands, a whole third arm to swap in.
  • When connected properly, using blaster hands / arms and connecting to the generator looks amazing.  Really serves the purpose of getting you immersed in the character.

The Bad

  • The hoses out of the box, that connect Cyborg to the generator are pretty rigid and constantly want to snap back into their own shape.  There will be a lot of fighting to get him to stand how you want when connected to the generator because of it.
  • The connection points to the generator and Cyborg’s body are just enough for a reasonable hold, but could have been deeper and could have “locked in” better.  I don’t know if this problem exacerbates the first or it’s the other way around, but they are two meh tastes that taste meh together and they impact an otherwise great package.


The rest

The Cyborg figure we got with the Justice League 7 pack was really nice, so I’m not at all upset that this is the same figure.  Many folks who buy the 7-pack won’t be looking for the single card and vice versa.  But do you need both?  Well…the accessories are really very cool.  They take the very solid base figure and allow for a solid amount of customization and expansion.  I also like to think that folks who collect toy lines as pretty as DC Icons do much nicer stuff with them than I do.  Cyborg really offers that opportunity thanks to the deluxe set of accessories.  Buying both is up to you, but if you have to pick one…yeah I can’t help either.  You get 6 other figures at a bargain, or some fantastic accessories.  You know you better than I do, so go with that where you will.


You can pre-order Cyborg at Big Bad Toy Store today!  You should also check out your Local Comic Shop!  Not interested in waiting, don’t care about paying more?  Amazon.


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