DC Comics Icons Wave 4 Joker (A Death In The Family)

Be certain of this.  If an action figure series is so good, that 3 months between releases feels like an eternity, you are doing something right.  I’m lookin’ at you DC Collectibles.  I’m bubbling with glee over having received my DC Icons Joker in the mail yesterday.  But if I’m being totally honest, it’s a little bitter sweet, because it was just the Joker.  How often do you say that?  “Just the  Joker”…when the back of the box promises Firestorm though, and he’s everything you’ve ever wanted in an action figure…that carrot, it’s a danglin’!  Let’s talk about the Joker though.


The Good

  • Let’s start with the specific character selection, not referring to the Joker, I’m referring to the which Joker.  A Death In The Family is a comic that features Joker doing some of, if not, his most bad things.  As such, I would submit that the most evil Joker is the most Iconic, thus, then, therefore, ergo, this is the Iconic Joker for me and for all.
  • The execution of bringing this figure to life is as pristine as that of Jason Todd’s….too soon?
  • For real, those spats though…amirite?
  • Joker’s face is haunting, full crazy looking.  To capture that in a figure is a work of art.
  • Joker’s jacket appears to be removable.  I’m too much of a wuss to take it off though.
  • The figure includes a crowbar, a gun and some spare hands to hold stuff…but…

The Bad

  • Joker only comes with the left hand he’s fitted with.  This means that he can’t hold the crowbar and tommy gun at the same time.  A bunch of extra right hands, no extra left hands.   Oh well.
  • Joker’s hat is not removable.
  • This Icons figure, like the rest, has a challenge looking up (upward head tilt / articulation).

The rest


DC Icons Wave 4 starts with a loud but short roar.  The Joker is a fantastic figure that any DC Comics fan should be proud to own.  I’m just being whiney when I say this, but he’d look mighty fine next to Firestorm, Stewart Lantern and Static Shock.  I’m very much looking forward to bringing those reviews out for you fine folks!


I really like being able to say things like this.  If you want Joker, you can just go get him.  Check him out on Big Bad Toy Store!  As for the rest of the wave, you have to wait like I have to wait.


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