DC Comics Icons Wave 4

When the DC Comics Icons toy line was announced so many comic cons or toy fairs ago…they showed Firestorm and my jaw hit the floor.  I knew at that moment, this toy line would be incredible, and that I would be on board as a complete collector.  3 full waves, a few in betweens, and a tease of wave 4 in, and I’ve kept to that. I’m all in on this line, and today…today, it finally pays off.  The figure that I dove in over, Firestorm is in my hands, and I am giddy with power….or something….I’m definitely giddy. DC Icons continues to crush the amazing characters they put out with astonishing designs and epic figures.  I can’t wait to start gushing so I just will…

Firestorm – Trinity War

The Good

  • Gorgeous.  One of the most beautiful art piece figures I’ve ever seen.
  • Paint application is immaculate.
  • Coloring is dead on for the character.
  • Flame hair is perfectly executed.
  • Excellent articulation soup to nuts.
  • Atomic accessories compliment the figure appropriately, translucent hands look great.
  • Paint around the eyes, white eyes…epic!
  • The red metallic paint looks almost creamy.  It’s unreal, the nicest finish I’ve ever seen on a figure.
  • Everything on this figure is so clean and sharp, the colors pop, I haven’t ever owned a figure that looks this good.  Totally justified my getting involved with this toy line.


John Stewart Green Lantern – Mosaic

The Good

  • Excellent face sculpt.
  • Nice, muted color palate perfect to represent the Mosaic era character.
  • Green Lantern ring is easily / highly noticeable on his fist.
  • Included Green Lantern ‘battery’ is always appreciated with any Lantern figure.
  • This figure comes with a really cool innovative way to display the will constructs that Green Lanterns produce.  The pieces fasten right into the ring hand and appear to project out, this is unique and very well executed!


The Rest

This is it, this is what I’ve been waiting for out of this toy line.  It marks a milestone for me.  I’ve had a meager collection of DC figures at home from varying toy lines.  The DC Icons figures have always been over my shoulder at work though, on my cabinet in my office where I spend a lot of time.  With the filling out of this wave, the introduction of Firestorm, I’m likely going to get rid of my traditional DC collection, DC Icons becomes the heart of, and my main DC collection, it will go home, it will display there for all time.  It is a place of honor in my comic laden basement of joy.  There is no higher award I can give a toy line than to “bring it home”, and thanks to this Firestorm and Green Lantern, I’m doing that.  I can’t wait to see what’s next, and I’m hoping for more great DC Icons news out of NYCC 2016!  Also…somebody got a flight staaaand…..


Firestorm and John Stewart Green Lantern hit store shelves today.  You can find them at http://www.bigbadtoystore.com.  Joke is also out, and that rounds out Wave 4 of DC Comics Icons.  The story becomes here, what’s next?  Well, new dates just dropped and we posted in it’s own post, but let’s take a look here…

December 2016

  • Batgirl w/ Bike
  • Darkseid & Grail

January 2017

  • DC Icons Accessory Pack #1

March 2017

  • Justice League Rebirth 7 Pack

April 2017

  • Static
  • Swamp Thing
  • Wonder Woman
  • Cyborg
  • Deathstroke

My assessment is this…Christmas is going to be awesome.  Q1 2017 is going to be wallet breaking.  I’m concerned, I don’t see dates on any of the newly announced figures from SDCC, Nightwing, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle 2-pack, etc…  If DC Collectibles has proven anything, over, and over, and over again.  This toy line is worth the wait.


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