DC Comics Icons Wave 1
Witness, the dawn of a new action figure line…well…witnessed?  Is that the appropriate past tense here?  In November(ish) of 2015, DC Collectibles introduced a brand spanking new toy line at a brand spanking new scale, DC Comics Icons at 5 inches tall.  Well, a sliding 5 inches, to support various character heights.  Prior to November, I had my eyes on the line, seeing all the previews, admiring the figures from afar.  I had a closer look at NYCC and I was very impressed.  When the line finally started to hit stores, and I saw them in package, I realized…well crap, now I gotta dive in and buy these.  Buy these I did…but I was selfish about it.  I was so excited, I opened them immediately, put them on my filing cabinet at work and have been displaying them ever since, wave 1, 2, and a Green Lantern deluxe.  It wasn’t until I started looking down the road at everything that was coming in 2016 and beyond that I thought well…I’m a jerk.  I should be sharing these with the good folks that read MUReview.net.  So, here it is.  My first ever DC action figure reviews.  I’ll apologize up front.  I only have images of 1 figure in this wave in the box.  Because I opened everything else already and picked up Deadman to fill out the wave to do this review for you fine folks after the fact.  This amazing wave features some incredible character depth, with only four figures included!  We get Batman, Deadman, Green Arrow and Mister Miracle?  Seriously?  A brand new line and you are reaching into the DC character catalog like this?!  I can’t wait to see what else comes out of the woodwork!


The DC Icons line is presented in a window boxed format.  The figure and most accessories are featured prominently on the front with a close up shot of the characters in the wave as well as full body shots of all figures in the wave on the back.  On the side of the box, the character and comic run that they were pulled from are detailed.  The packaging itself shows reverence and tribute to the figure inside.  Also featured on every single package is artist and sculptor.  It’s very nice to see credit where credit is due.  Packaging has a premium feel to it and luckily the figures, while amazing, are not at all cost prohibitive.  Opening the package is a dream.  In the land of toy nightmare that I live, from little kid toys to big kid toys, I destroy my fingers and sometimes figures because of wire twist ties, elastic bands, and other unreasonable packaging meant to “protect” the presentation of the figure in the package.  DC Icons seem to have cracked the code.  Sometimes a little clothing tag type piece tying the character down that breaks with little effort and without damaging the figure.  Accessories are held in place with a molded plastic cover that fixes itself to the figure tray.  DC Entertainment had their thinking caps on when they put this packaging together, soup to nuts.  We all get the benefit.

Batman – Last Rites

The Good

  • A lot of people have their own ideal vision of Batman.  The blue and grey, the utility built, the light build and lots of gadgets…that’s mine.  Last Rites Batman fits that mold and checks all of the boxes for me.
  • Included in the box are some great accessories.  Alternate hands, 2 batarangs,  and probably the most interesting accessory in the wave, the bat grappling hook / zip line.
  • Paint application here is remarkably clean.  Lines are hard and solid.
  • Gloves, boots, cowl, cape, even the bat symbol all have molded edges and really jump off of the figure.
  • Utility belt stands out well and fits perfectly.
  • Cape helps with balance as needed.
  • Back to the accessories, as pictured, the zip line / hook allow for some of the most fun Bat poses you have seen in a long time!
  • Very good articulation allows for some incredible poses, ankles, double hinged knees, hip joints allow full motion, full torso movement, arms can do what you need them to do with little limitation from the cape.
  • Since this is the first figure I’m talking about, I’ll address it here.  Changing of accessories works very well.  Hands come out with a little bit of effort and go back in with satisfying clicks to let you know it’s in tight, with similar effort.

The Bad

  • This is something that impacts most if not all of the DC Comics Icons line, limited head movement, specifically the inability to pose the figure looking up.  Rough here, especially with the bat grappling hook.  He should be able to look up when posed to in an ascent.  He can’t so much.
  • Speaking of Batman’s head.  For all that he can’t look up, mine seems ot be on a little loosley and is prone to popping off on occasion.  Not a terrible issue for me as once he’s posed he’ll stay that way until I have to move offices or some jerk comes in and knocks over my file cabinet.


Green Arrow – The Longbow Hunters

The Good

  • Green Arrow is presented in some of his more modern finery, specifically with his hood from The Longbow Hunters comic run.
  • While the hood doesn’t disengage, it can be pushed back to show off Ollie’s well detailed face and goatee.
  • Let me stop you there.  Yes, I know, as pictured, he’s holding his bow upside down. I was kinda upset about the snapped string though…the point here, really is that you can take the Green Arrow, have him knock an arrow and draw the string at least a little, so that it looks like he’s ready to fire.  Know what else is cool, he’s got some nice detailing on his left inside forearm for protection against the bow string.
  • Quiver and strap detail is executed very well with the strap attached at the belt. I would suggest this works out far better than the first release of The Arrow figure (TV Series), where my quiver came off out of the box and was pretty much done for forever.  Much sturdier here.
  • Additional included arrows allow for some iconic Oliver Queen multi-arrow moments. Ha, iconic…see what I did there?
  • Once again, exceptional body articulation will allow for endless awesome poses here.

The Bad

  • Prior to this review, I had Green Arrow posed for a few weeks with a semi-drawn bow and knocked arrow.  It seems that the stress of that and the stress of moving the figure in a box from work to home to shoot photos was all the bow string had left, and it snapped.  He’s still an amazing all around figure, and I’ve reached out to DC Collectibles for a replacement.  I’d like to update this post and images once said replacement arrives and will make every effort to do so.
  • The hood doesn’t move with the head, so the common form of archery where the body is perpendicular to the target and the head is turned to face the target, works out kinda funny.


Mister Miracle – Earth 2

The Good

  • It seems to be almost the norm on the Internet.  That Mister Miracle is a lesser known character.  Of people that know him lesser, I can count myself among them.  However, that doesn’t make this any less a brilliant figure.  Starting here with the paint, the colors explode off of Mister Miracle.  Clean, sharp lines and a  shimmering paint application do justice to this Earth 2 character deco.
  • MM includes 2 sets of hands, his trusted Multi-Cube and a set of stands that are actually on rollers, which do in fact allow Mister Miracle the illusion of hovering across the ground if you orient them correctly.
  • Mister Miracles cape is one of the best cape applications on an action figure that i have ever seen.  That it is molded to go up first, then down, the pinch in the mid back.  This comic accurate representation is remarkable.
  • Once again masterful body articulation allows for endless action poses.
  • The Multi-Cube fits well in MM’s open hand.

The Bad

  • Well, crap, I just lost my Multi-Cube under my radiator.
  • As afflicted as the other figures in the line, Mister Miracle doesn’t look up so well.


Deadman – Brightest Day

The Good

  • Deadman.  Credit to DC Collectibles for kicking off a brand new figure line, with not one, but TWO “deep” DC roster characters.
  • Deadman, like all of the other figures in this wave of DC Comics Icons is a perfect to the comic page.
  • The paint wash here is fantastic, clean sharp lines.  The ghost white is exceptional on his head.
  • Included “possession” mask fits the other figures in the wave well and you’ll have no trouble mimicking comic scenarios.
  • Spooky possession hands and closed fists are included.
  • Not that the dead need to be highly acrobatic, but this self resurrecting hero can pose however you need him.
  • I’m really excited about the over saturated picture I got, check out the gallery, he looks creepy!

The Bad

    • I’m being greedy…but wouldn’t have been neat, as DC Icons is certainly interested in blowing budget on awesome accessories, if in this case, an accessory was a fully possessed figure?  That’d probably move him to the deluxe class, increase the price point…but that’d be damn cool.  More than just a covering but a whole possessed figure!



The rest

There is more to be said about this wave and this toy line than was said above.  There are people that are literally angry that these figures aren’t taller by an inch.  My thoughts on that.  Starting slightly smaller allows for more scale appropriate figures without breaking the packaging motif, or the budget.  They can make a 5 inch Batman and a 6 inch superman and that works for me.  Fans critical of the point of size are likely not going to be swayed one way or the other, but for me, I very much like the size / scale. I think it gives opportunity to adjust based on the character, it probably keeps costs a little lower, and it allows for an exceptional amount of detail.  Now having 9 of these figures, they are the center piece of my work place collection and while I still have a few Designer and DCUC figures mixed in, as DC Icons releases the character, I’ll rotate them out and back home.  There is a noticeable size difference when stood next to each other.  The answer to that though is definitely, grow your DC Icons collection!! 2016 will afford you with many opportunities to do so!

Divisiveness aside, I have my own problems.  In 2015 I decided to begin collecting DC heroes.  I did so grabbing across DC Collectibles Designer Series, DC Direct and DCUC.  All things being equal, Icons compared to this, I feel like Icons for me wins hands down.  As long as the line grows, I’ll keep collecting, but what the hell am I going to do with the 90 some odd DC figures I’ve already amassed?!  I like them very much too, so I’ll probably keep most of them, but it’s not a non-issue.  At some point I’ll have enough Icons to move them home and let them be a centerpiece collection there.  I’m sure my wife will be thrilled.

I haven’t been as excited about a toy line launch since 2008 / 2009.  It was at that point, I started a website to talk about action figures.  I’m glad I still have that website.  I’m glad I’m still talking about those action figures, and I’m thrilled to be able to start talking about these action figures.  I can’t wait for the next waves of Icons to come out, and I can’t wait to share my thoughts on Wave 2 and Deluxe Green Lantern.  The most important question that I’ll leave the review portion of this post with is….when the hell do I get Nightwing?!?!



Big Bad Toy Store has these.  Shop DC Entertainment has these.  Even Amazon is stocking these figures at retail cost or even less.  As always too, you can check your local comic shop!

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