DC Comics Icons Deluxe Green Lantern
What’s a brand new toy line without a deluxe action figure?  I don’t know the answer to that.  Please note in the comments if you know the answer.  Thankfully with DC Comics Icons, we don’t really need to worry because we have a Deluxe Green Lantern (Hal), front and center released in very late 2015, this figure comes abounding in accessory as a kicker to the second wave of the line.  Green Lantern joins the other A listers in the line, Flash and Batman, and suddenly we have ourselves a Justice League party to get started!

Green Lantern – Dark Days Hal Jordan

The Good

  • As with wave 1 and wave 2, you have another highly comic accurate figure in design and paint application.
  • Deluxe level accessories!  Green Lantern comes with a a whole jet suit of armor (as featured in the pages of the Dark Days story arc, specifically V4 issue 14, ironically, I think it’s also page 14).
  • The armor itself is very clever in construction, and when appropriately affixed on the figure sits well and looks fantastic.
  • Armor has articulated wings and raise / lower chest / head piece.
  • Green Lantern fisty punch accessory included, as well as alternate hands, Green Lantern accessory, and all appropriate hands feature the ring correctly.
  • Paint application.  I’m going to mention this in every review for Icons, as long as it’s this good and this consistent.  I feel like words are a little wasted at this point.  Look at the pictures.  It’s clean, lines are sharp, consistency of this nature out of something painted in a factory is bananas.

The Bad

  • Getting the armor to sit just right is a bit of a challenge.
  • Me being of ham handed nature, and others with similar hands may have some trouble and could potentially snap or break the plastic of the armor.  It’s not made of tissue paper or anything, but it definitely is delicate in nature.
  • The worst thing about this figure, is that I don’t already have a family of Lanterns in the Icons line to stand him up next to.  I really can’t wait to see which Lantern they address after Jonathan Stewart (known coming release).  Give me a White Lantern Flash!!


The rest

Rounding out the second wave of this remarkable toy line is ably handled with this Green Lantern deluxe figure.  Marking that it was released / being reviewed in late 2015, and we are already in March, we are coming up on around 3 months without a new release in this awesome line.  That’s not a bad wait by any stretch, but when these figures are as awesome as they are, the wait becomes unbearable.  The next figures upcoming should see the light of day right around the time this post is published, second week in March or so.  We should get Superman and Aquaman, with Atomica and Harley Quinn to follow a few weeks after.  It should be noted that these release dates slipped from original estimates of February do to identified and acknowledged quality control issues coming out of DC Collectibles manufacturer for this line at the time.  DC Collectibles made the highly admirable move to delay the release of the next slate of figures, they made a change to a different factory, and because of it, the fans should definitely feel well respected.   Rare is the case that something like this happens in any industry.  I commend DC Collectibles for a great 2 waves and I cannot wait to get my hands on what’s next!


Big Bad Toy Store has him.  Shop DC Entertainment has him.  Even Amazon is stocking him  at retail cost or even less.  As always too, you can check your local comic shop!


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