DC Comics Icons Deluxe Batgirl of Burnside
2016 is racing to the finish line almost as fast as Batgirl of Burnside on her beautiful Batgirl Cycle…oh hey wait…I see what I did there!  11/30 came to my favorite local comic shop, the DC Icons Batgirl of Burnside Deluxe DC Icons figure.  And on that day, I purchased said Batgirl for a very reasonable $59.99.  DC Collectibles has been putting out absolutely incredible action figures under the DC Icons line for a little over a year now, and it’s getting to a point where it’s becoming almost shameful to consider what is in their boxes, action figures, and not fine art.  What is in the Batgirl Deluxe package allows for the creation of some of the most amazing poses, with some of the most stunning sculpt work on an action figure or toy motorcycle I’ve ever seen…but lemme’ splain’.

The Good

  • Let’s start with the Batgirl Cycle.  What an absolutely phenomenal play piece!
  • Laser smooth surfaces, show off an immaculate purple on purple on purple paint job.  The kind of paint job, that if you had a car, and you got it scratched, you’d be up the creek, because it’s that special kind of paint that costs extra… (speaking from experience).
  • The level of detail in the bike, which is technically an accessory is staggering.  Exposed engine parts look beautiful, the dash, while there are no screen images, has colored buttons, the handlebars fit perfectly in Batgirl’s hands and have brake / clutch pieces.  The wheel posts are cycle perfect.
  • Wheels spin, front axle has a little pivot to it for posing purposes.
  • The included motorcycle stand features two “tray” pieces that tilt, to allow the bike a range of balanced tilt while in the stand.  This allows for some exceptional poses to set Batgirl up in.  
  • Onto the figure, Batgirl is another remarkable achievement in detail figure craft from DC Icons.  There is no stone un-turned here and she’s an amazing piece because of it.
  • From the details in the laces of her boots, to her utility belt, to the perfectly emblazoned Batgirl symbol on her chest, this character is captured letter perfect in plastic.
  • Paint again, exceptional.  As always with DC Icons.
  • Batgirl comes with a wealth of accessories outside of her bike.  Alternate head and cape show a wind through her hair / cape effect which looks perfect when seating on the bike.
  • 3 sets of hands included, closed fist, open for Bat-grappling hook, and open for holding bike handlebars (again, perfect fit).  
  • Batgirl also has a cellphone.  If you check out the gallery, you can observe how utterly irresponsible she is.  Driving while on the phone…jerk move Batgirl, jerk move.  

The Bad

  • Batgirl’s range of “look up” motion seems to be even more limited than other DC Icons figures.  This eliminates some cool, chest-down-to-bike-head-up poses, though the “wind in hair” head has a slightly better range of motion.
  • The Batgirl Cycle doesn’t have a working kick stand.  The included stand is incredible, but it would have been a bonus to have a working kick.

The rest

With only a few weeks left to 2016, DC Collectibles is showing no signs of slowing.  They look to finish the year with the release of the Green Lantern Accessory pack next week, and the Darkseid / Grail Mega Figure 2-Pack the following week.  It’s good news for me, it means I’ll have lots of fancy pictures to share with you all.  Awful, AWFUL news for my wallet around Christmas time though.  That said, and refocusing on this Batgirl figure, she’s amazing, an absolute must have addition to any DC figure collection.  Because of her size and the added bike, I feel like she’d work very well not only on display with DC Icons, but other figure lines as well.  Dare I say…a gateway drug of action figures, if you aren’t already knee deep in the DC Icons line.  Go get her!


Big Bad Toy Store has her for pre-order.  Shop DC Entertainment has her for pre-order.  Amazon is stocking her at retail cost or even less, and it’s shipping now!  As always too, you can check your local comic shop, that’s where I got mine!

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