DC Comics Icons Accessory Pack 1
DC Icons is doing something amazing that I haven’t seen in a mainstream line of this scale in a long time.  Accessory packs!!  Popping up on solicitations and showcasing at conventions through 2016, two packs were teased, one featuring Ch’p with Jay Garrick’s helmet, the other featuring Doctor Fate’s helmet.  Last Wednesday, Ch’p’s time in the sun hit at local comic stores and I ran to get it.  Now, after having un-boxed this accessory pack, I’m eager to share with you, my thoughts….

The Good

  • Ch’p is awesome, if a little limited in articulation (understandably so).  His tail moves, arms, and head at the neck.  His stance is immobile, but he looks fantastic and fits in perfectly with the Icons line figures.  He looks great standing next to Hal and John!  
  • Jay Garrick’s helmet.  When I first saw this, my first question was…can I touch it?  The answer, YES!  You can open the case, take the helmet off the stand, even put it on a figures head.  Though due to the connector for the peg inside the helmet, it doesn’t do more than balance on top of a head.  It’s comic perfect.  Side note, this gives me hope for a Doctor Fate headswap possibility?  Maybe??? Maybe?
  • 4 Green Arrow utility arrows are included, all look excellent and make great additions to the Green Arrow’s weapons cache.
  • Similarly, Batman gets some love in this pack with 2 additional batarangs and a zip line complete with suction cup ends!  Great sticky-ness, supports batman as he zips from end to end!
  • Green Lanterns get a new shield construct, displayable on the burst piece or direct on their wrist.  The connection mechanic either way is perfect, works well, well thought out!  
  • Rounding out the pack, we get two Joker fish, that look very comic accurate, fit with the overall green theme of most of the other accessories, and are just another fun add in!

The Bad

  • Some folks might find $24.99+ a tough pill to swallow. Personally, I think there is a lot of value for the price in this box.
  • The additional batarangs don’t come with a Robin figure….

The rest

At $24.99, some folks may not be thrilled as stated.  Again, I think you get a lot of plastic, a great little figure, and a cool collector piece for the price.  Further, DC Collectibles is trying something really cool here and I want to reward them for it with my purchase.  Each item in the pack is a welcome addition to my collection and compliments the intended character / figure(s) each perfectly.  If you are into the DC Icons line, buy this.  If you need Ch’p, buy this.  If you love Jay Garrick, buy this.  Also, stay tuned, Darkseid drops this week and we will be reviewing him here for you!!!!


Big Bad Toy Store has this pack for pre-order.  Amazon is stocking the pack a little above MSRP, and it’s shipping now!  As always too, you can check your local comic shop, that’s where I got mine!

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