DC Collectibles: Dark Knight III Mini Statue

HAPPY BATMAN DAY!!  We didn’t think we’d get to this till next week, but..it’s Batman Day, this is a Batman statue, some things were meant to be.  Enter the DC Collectibles 7 inch Batman Dark Knight III Mini Statue by   DC Designer Series by Andy Kubert.  If the name sounds familiar, it’s because Andy had a heavy part to play in the Batman Dark Knight III comics run of the past few years.  Does it translate to statue form?

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The Good

  • To say we are comic-page accurate here is a literal understatement.  When the man who drew the comics makes the statue, you get what you see. 
  • Everything about this statue, while only 7-inches in height, feels heavy and massive. 
  • The deep heavy black of his cape has this rich texture, it looks like a leather jacket, a cape made of a leather jacket is the best way I can describe it.
  • This same texture is carried to his boots and gloves and just looks absurdly cool.  Not just cool, but it makes Batman feel more real.  
  • Batman’s foot peg fits very snugly in his stand peg-hole. 
  • Can we go back to the cape for a second?  Cape technology has come such a long way, the ripples and folds here, so much attention to detail was paid to (and is appreciated) in this cape!
  • Ripples and folds throughout the figure, little divots and bumps where appropriate to convey just how much more muscular Batman is than you…and it’s very!
  • The position of his right hand, upturned in a fist.  In the right lighting (which I am incapable of capturing), it gives chills.  
  • Bats utility belt is fantastically detailed.  Looks great, perfect color yellow.
  • Speaking of color.  The black, the grey, the yellow, they all play off of each other perfectly.  Paint is applied in outstanding fashion, nothing stray and no wobbly lines to complain about.  

The Bad

  • It may be because this is an artist proof statue, but there is a little wobble no matter how I set Bats in the base.  His back foot won’t sit flush against the floor, causing the stand and Batman to tilt a little.  It’s barely noticeable on an even shelf…but I needed something to write here, and the statue is otherwise brilliant.

The Rest

Dark Knight III has been a fantastic read for Batman fans.  This statue is an incredible way to take and bring the pages from those books to life and put them on your shelf.  DC Collectibles with Andy Kubert does an outstanding job of bringing the character to life in a format that is highly coveted and appreciated.  7 inch statues are on fire now, and this is a must have to join your shelf.  


Dark Knight Bats will set you back around $80, and you can find it on Amazon today! Just click here!


MUReview received this statue for free for review purposes.

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