In a complete shock to the Marvel Universe collecting community, David Vonner, a design super hero with Passion Cosmic has parted ways with Hasbro.

Vonner came to Hasbro from Toy Biz and announced 3/6 on his Facebook page, that he would no longer be with Hasbro.

Having met this icon myself and had the honor of a few brief conversations, I can honestly say that the Marvel Universe Toy Line takes today is nothing short of detrimental.

It is believed that this could have been part of a larger scale layoff that affected approximately 170 people (world wide, 55 at HQ in Rhode Island) at Hasbro.  Best of luck to all those affected!

To David, Thank You for all of the incredible passion and hard work that you brought to the Marvel Universe line, the inspiration for this site, and for all of the incredible figures you have created.

…MUReview apologizes for the late pickup on this.

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