Have a look at what’s new this week from Totaltoyz!  MUReview is spoiled rotten with things that we must buy!!!

Check out what else he has in the hopper over at Totaltoyz on eBay.

The Crimson Dynamo

THE CRIMSON DYNAMO Created by the Soviet Union as the answer to Iron Man, the Crimson Dynamo has battled the Golden Avenger many times, in several different versions of his armor and with many different men wearing it!


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The Angel

THE ANGEL Why does a winged mutant wear red suspenders? To keep his pants up! This custom 6″ Marvel Legends figure depicts the high-flying Angel in his first individual costume! Seen in X-Men #’s 39-60, Avengers #53, and the Angel’s first solo story (which ran in three parts, in Ka-Zar #’s 2 &3 and Marvel Tales #30)!

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Happy Bidding everyone!

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