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HEX In the 1980s, DC Comics took their longtime anti-hero of the Old West, Jonah Hex, and transported him to a post-apocalyptic future where he became HEX, most feared gun of the 21st Century!


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The Red Ghost And His Super Apes

THE RED GHOST and his SUPER-APES Ivan Kragoff, a Russian scientist, sought to duplicate the incident that gave the Fantastic Four their incredible powers! Taking with him three highly-trained apes, Kragoff piloted a spacecraft into the midst of a cosmic-ray storm! Kragoff gained the power to become an intangible phantom, while his gorilla gained super-normal strength, his orangutan the power of magnetism, and his baboon the ability to change its very shape! The Red Ghost and his Super-Apes have also battled heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Avengers, but the Fantastic Four remain their most implacable foes!


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