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Uncle Marvel

UNCLE MARVEL Dudley H. Dudley, the loveable fraud who ingratiated himself into the Marvel Family! Though he truly possesses no super-powers, Uncle Marvel was often a great asset to Captain Marvel and the rest of the Marvel Family, giving helpful advice and leadership; and he was even the very first person to defeat Black Adam!


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JADE Daughter of the Golden-Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott, Jade inherited his emerald energy as a natural power within her! In the 1980s she was a member of Infinity, Inc., the super-team comprised of the children and protégés of the Justice Society of America!


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Grey Goblin

THE GREY GOBLIN The illegitimate son of Norman Osborn (the original Green Goblin) and Gwen Stacy (the great love of Spider-Man’s life), Gabriel Stacy donned the costume of the Grey Goblin to destroy Spider-Man, whom Norman Osborn told him had killed his mother!


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