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ARKON Ruler and greatest warrior of an alternate dimension, Arkon always holds true to his own code of honor; he always does what he believes is best for his world and his people! Sometimes this has brought him into conflict with Marvel’s greatest heroes; sometimes into allegiance with them. Arkon has fought, against and alongside, such heroes as the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Dr. Strange!



Baron Mordo

BARON MORDO The oldest and deadliest enemy of Doctor Strange, Marvel Comics’ sorcerer supreme! Once Stephen Strange’s fellow student of the Ancient One, Baron Mordo sought magic only for the power it would bring. He has been Dr. Strange’s most relentless foe over the years, always seeking to destroy Dr. Strange and assume the mantle of sorcerer supreme! He was also one of the four villains gathered by the Collector and the Grandmaster to battle the Defenders as their team of “Offenders”!

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