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 Werewolf By Night

WEREWOLF BY NIGHT One of the most successful creations of Marvel Comics’ horror period of the early 1970s! First appearing in Marvel Spotlight #2, 1971, Werewolf By Night soon graduated into his own title, which lasted 43 issues; second only to Tomb of Dracula in endurance among the Marvel Monsters!

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Marvel Boy

MARVEL BOY Created in 1950, Marvel Boy was born on Earth but raised by the futuristic society on the planet Uranus! As a teen he returned to the planet of his birth as a super-champion! Appearing in just six comic issues in the 1950s, Marvel Boy remained a cult favorite. In the 1970s he was brought into Marvel Comics continuity as a member of the “1950s Avengers”, and now serves as a member of the Agents of Atlas!

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