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The Golden Archer

Marvel Comics’ colorful bowman, an homage to DC Comics’ Green Arrow! The Golden Archer was first seen as a disguise used by Hawkeye in Captain America #179; not long after, the archer of the Squadron Supreme adopted the identity in Avengers #141!


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The Fisherman

Deadly enemy of the King of the Seas! A champion angler, the Fisherman has set his sights on the greatest catch of all: Aquaman!

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An early enemy of the mighty Thor, the Enchantress was a seminal creation of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! The Enchantress and her aide, the Executioner, joined forces with Baron Zemo to battle the newly-formed Avengers, and the Enchantress has been a force of evil in the Marvel Universe ever since!

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Robot Man

The first of DC Comics’ metal men! The brain of a murdered scientist in the body of a super-powerful robot, Robotman first appeared in Star-Spangled Comics #7, 1942! Robotman continued as a feature in that title until its change to a Western format in the late 1940s; he then moved to Detective Comics and continued to appear until 1953, long after most of his contemporaries had faded into obscurity! In the 1980s, Roy Thomas made Robotman part of the core membership of the All-Star Squadron, his salute to his beloved Golden-Age characters!

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