Have a look at what’s new this week from Totaltoyz!  MUReview is spoiled rotten with things that we must buy!!!

Check out what else he has in the hopper over at Totaltoyz on eBay.

Also, please congratulate Totaltoyz on some much needed vacation!  Next time we see customs from him will be just after Christmas….something great to look forward to!

The Fisherman

Deadly enemy of the King of the Seas! A champion angler, the Fisherman has set his sights on the greatest catch of all: Aquaman!  50% of proceeds for this auction go to Typhoon Haiyan Relief, let’s make this one sing!


Buy me HERE!

Classic Nova

He’s here! The human rocket! Debuting in 1976, Nova was a new Marvel Comics character created in the mold of Spider-Man: a teenage superhero with all the problems and tribulations of an ordinary high-schooler!


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Shadow Thief Custom

An early Silver-Age creation, the Shadow Thief possessed the unique power of changing his body into an intangible shadow! Shadow Thief battled Hawkman many times, and in the 1970s became a founding member of the Justice League of America’s arch-enemies, the Injustice Gang of the World!


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False Face

Criminal mastery of trickery and disguise! Based on a character from a 1958 Batman comic book, False Face appeared in just one episode of the classic Batman TV show, the first-season two-part episode “True or False Face/Holy Rat Race”!


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Happy Bidding everyone!

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