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SHAMAN Master of the mystic arts of the Canadian Indians, Shaman was an original member of Canada’s premier super-hero team, Alpha Flight! First appearing in the pages of The Uncanny X-Men, Shaman soon joined Alpha Flight in their own comic title!


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Red Raven and Thin Man

RED RAVEN and THIN MAN The high-flying Red Raven and super-elastic Thin Man battled crime and Nazi saboteurs during World War Two in Timely Comics! In the 1970s, Roy Thomas made them members of the Liberty Legion, homefront companions of the Invaders!


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Mister Zero

MISTER ZERO First appearing in a 1959 comic book story, Mr. Zero battled Batman and Robin with his mastery of extreme cold! In 1966 the character was adapted for the Batman television show, and his name was changed to Mr. Freeze; the name change followed in the comics, and the rest is history!


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FIREBRAND Created by Roy Thomas in the early 1980s as a member of his wartime super-group, the All-Star Squadron! The female Firebrand was inspired by two Golden-Age super-heroes published by Quality Comics: the original Firebrand, whose name and costume she adapted, and a female hero called Wildfire, whose powers she mimics!


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Barbara Gordon and Batgirl (HeroClix)

BARBARA GORDON and BATGIRL In the third and final season of the classic Batman TV show, the Dynamic Duo became the Dynamic Trio with the addition of Batgirl! Secretly Barbara Gordon, daughter of the police commissioner, Batgirl aided Batman and Robin against such vile threats as the Joker, Catwoman, and Louie the Lilac! Ably portrayed by Yvonne Craig.


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The Ringmaster

THE RINGMASTER Leader of the Circus of Crime, the Ringmaster’s hat conceals a hypnotic device capable of enslaving super-heroes or entire audiences! Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime have battled a veritable Who’s Who of Marvel super-heroes, from Spider-Man and Daredevil to Thor and the mighty Avengers!


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