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The Ocean Master

THE OCEAN MASTER Half-brother of Aquaman, the Ocean Master has been Aquaman’s most proliferate opponent! His unceasing efforts to dethrone Aquaman as King of the Seas have often drawn other heroes into their battles (such as Superman, Batman, and the Teen Titans), as well as leading Ocean Master to joining several different groups of villains to battle Aquaman and his comrades in the Justice League of America!


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The Melter

THE MELTER One of the earliest enemies of the invincible Iron Man, the Melter wielded a powerful ray that could weaken the atomic bonds of solid matter, turning them liquid! He was one of Iron Man’s most implacable adversaries, and also a founding member of the Masters of Evil, the first group of villains to challenge the mighty Avengers!


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Tattooed Man

TATTOOED MAN A Silver-Age villain who blundered into super-powers! Abel Tarrant was a sailor who turned to burglary, who in the course of a robbery discovered a batch of chemicals that would change into whatever form he imagined if he concentrated hard enough! Using the chemicals as tattoos, Tarrant embarked on a super-criminal career as the Tattooed Man, but was constantly thwarted by Green Lantern and the Justice League of America!


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