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Ma Parker

MA PARKER The greatest mother of them all, Ma Parker and her boys (and daughter, but don’t remind her of that!) terrorized the country, until they finally came to Gotham City to challenge Batman and Robin! Played in over-the-top fashion by Shelley Winters, Ma Parker appeared in one second season two-part episode!


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Jimmy Olsen as Elsatic Lad

JIMMY OLSEN as ELASTIC LAD Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen got into so many bizarre situations, he had his own comic book title in the Silver Age! Perhaps his most famous incarnation was when he used Professor Potter’s serum to become Elastic Lad, super-stretchable hero! In this identity, Jimmy Olsen was awarded honorary membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes!


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Puppet Master

PUPPET MASTER One of the earliest super-villains in Marvel Comics, the Puppet Master first appeared in Fantastic Four #8 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby! With his uncanny ability to control human minds through puppets made in their image, the Puppet Master has battled many of Marvel Comics’ greatest heroes, including Spider-Man, the Sub-Mariner, Captain Marvel, the X-Men, and the mighty Avengers; but the Fantastic Four have remained his most implacable foes!


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