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CLEA Lovely denizen of the Dark Dimension, niece of the dread Dormammu himself! Clea met Doctor Strange when he first engaged her uncle in battle, when she helped him defeat the dread Dormammu. She later traveled to Earth where she became Dr. Strange’s disciple, and later lover, as well as member of his “non-team” of heroes, the dynamic Defenders!


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Captain Marvel

Call her CAPTAIN MARVEL, Photon, Pulsar, or just Monica Rambeau! The first woman to use the time-honored name of Captain Marvel (sorry, Carol), she debuted in 1982 in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual#16, and soon after joined the mighty Avengers, a team she would later lead!

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THE WASP One of the earliest super-heroines in the Marvel Age of Comics, and a founding member of the Avengers! Over the years, the Wasp has undergone more costume changes than any other character in comics!


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