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Insect Queen

INSECT QUEEN First introduced in the Superboy stories as Lana Lang, Superboy’s equivalent of Superman’s Lois Lane, Lana later received a strange ring from a grateful alien being that gave her the power to transform into insect forms! As Insect Queen, she battled crime at Superboy’s side, and was welcomed into the Legion of Super-Heroes!


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MERA First introduced in Aquaman #11, 1963, the extra-dimensional Mera possesses the power to shape water at her merest mental command! As the wife of Aquaman, Mera stands beside him in governing Atlantis and protecting the oceans and those who peacefully traffic upon them!


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Wonder Man

WONDER MAN Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Wonder Man first appeared in Avengers #9, 1964. Given superhuman powers by Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil to infiltrate and betray the Avengers, Wonder Man turned on his masters and seemingly died for it; but returned years later to become a bastion of the Avengers!


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TYROC First appearing in Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #216, 1976, the extra-dimensional Tyroc was the first black member of the Legion of Super-Heroes! (Sorry, Mr. Nolan.)


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