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Yellow Jacket

YELLOWJACKET Originally a thief who stole one of Hank Pym’s discarded Yellowjacket uniforms, Rita DeMara modified the outfit to use as a costumed criminal! She became a member of two versions of the Masters of Evil, then recanted her evil ways and returned to the 31st Century with the Guardians of the Galaxy, whose ranks she joined! She later returned to her own time and became a member of the Avengers!


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The Burglar

THE BURGLAR His true name never revealed, the man known only as the Burglar had the single greatest impact on the life of Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Man! When he first received his spider-powers, Peter thought only of fame and personal gain. So disinterested was he in using his powers to help others, he allowed a fleeing criminal to escape when he could have stopped him. Later, that same criminal murdered Peter’s Uncle Ben, the only father he ever knew, setting Peter on the path of justice!


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SOLARR A mutant whose power to absorb, store, and discharge solar energy was dormant until adulthood, awakened by prolonged exposure to solar radiation! Solarr became an unrepentant criminal, using his newfound powers for personal gain and heartlessly burning down any who stood in his way! He twice became the partner of Klaw, arch-enemy of the Black Panther; and twice worked as henchman to Egghead, longtime nemesis of Ant-Man! Solarr battled some of the greatest heroes in the universe, including Captain America and the Falcon, the Avengers, the Defenders, the Thing, Quasar, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Wolverine, Alpha Flight, and even Superman!

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