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THE VISION An early creation of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the original Vision first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #13, 1940, and was a prolific feature in Timely Comics, the Golden-Age predecessor of Marvel Comics! The Golden-Age Vision was a direct inspiration for Roy Thomas to create the modern Vision, recently seen in the feature film Avengers: Age of Ultron!

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THE GLADIATOR Originally the proprietor of a costume shop, Melvin Potter grew jealous of the super-heroes whose costumes he sold imitations of. He built his own costume with deadly weapons, including lethal buzz-saw blades on the wrists of his metal gauntlets, and set out to slay the heroes he felt had belittled his own efforts. He was quickly stopped by Daredevil, and became one of the scarlet swashbuckler’s most relentless enemies! While the Gladiator has also battled Iron Man, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man, Daredevil has always been his greatest enemy!


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