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BADOON Warlike race from beyond the stars, the Badoon have long sought to add the planet Earth to their conquests! In the 20th Century their efforts were stopped by such heroes as the Silver Surfer, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four! In the 30th Century the Badoon succeeded in conquering the Earth; but a new team of heroes, called the Guardians of the Galaxy, rose to oppose them! The Guardians eventually overthrew the Badoon (with the help of time-traveling heroes like Captain America, the Thing, and the Defenders)!

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DIABLO Evil master of alchemy, Diablo has long sought to use his elemental skills to take over the world! While his efforts have been opposed by such heroes as Iron Man, the Avengers, and the Sub-Mariner, his most implacable foes have been the Fantastic Four!

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Captain Cold

CAPTAIN COLD The first of the Flash’s Rogues Gallery, Captain Cold first appeared in Showcase #8, 1957! In the 1970s Captain Cold gained widespread prominence as a member of the Legion of Doom on TV’s “Superfriends”!

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Quicksilver HeroClix Diorama

THE FLASH VS. QUICKSILVER Who would win in this super-speedster foot race? I have used HeroClix miniatures to create a custom diorama of The Flash and Quicksilver in a race, with the Silver-Age members of the Avengers and the Justice League of America cheering them on! There are a total of 12 miniatures on this diorama! Some I used as they were made by WizKids; some I made minor alterations to; and a couple I had to completely customize (like the Silver-Age Wonder Woman)! This will look so cool on any fan’s desk or shelf!

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Loom Bands Customs?

Customs run in the Totaltoyz family! Check out this great work by the son of said family!

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Happy Bidding everyone!

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