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MAN-THING Mindless monster from the swamps! Once a brilliant chemical researcher who sought to duplicate the Super-Soldier Serum that created Captain America, an accident involving his untested version of the serum caused him to mutate into a creature that is entirely plant, a self-contained ecosystem of its own! Possessing only the faintest glimmer of intelligence, the Man-Thing is extremely sensitive to the emotions of others and will react to them, sometimes violently! His existence has brought him into cooperation and conflict with many of Marvel Comics’ super-heroes, including Spider-Man, the Thing, the Hulk, the She-Hulk, and Iron Man!


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AMPHIBIAN When the Squadron Supreme, Marvel Comics’ pastiche of DC Comics’ Justice League of America, first appeared in 1971, the only then-current JLA member without a counterpart in the Squadron was Aquaman! This situation was remedied five years later with the introduction of Amphibian in Avengers #147, 1976! Amphibian’s character was greatly explored in Mark Gruenwald’s legendary Squadron Supreme maxi-series!

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JACK FROST Mysterious master of cold! Jack Frost appeared in four comic book stories in the Golden Age (some of Stan Lee’s earliest published work!). In the 1970s he became part of the Liberty Legion, the companion team to Marvel Comics’ Invaders!

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THE RIVAL The original “Reverse Flash”! The Rival was introduced in Flash Comics #104, 1949; the final solo Flash story published in the Golden Age! The Rival was Dr. Edward Clariss, one of Jay Garrick’s college professors, who duplicated the chemical accident that gave The Flash his speed and became a criminal speedster! In 2000, The Rival returned as a member of Johnny Sorrow’s Injustice Society!

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THE SHROUD One of Marvel Comics’ lesser-known heroes, the Shroud battles evil from its own shadows! Trained in martial arts and mysticism by the mysterious Cult of Kali, the Shroud was blinded by the cultists but given a mystic ability to perceive the world around him, and later developed the power to summon and control darkness itself! The Shroud poses as a criminal mastermind, to get close to the most powerful criminals and take them down without warning! His war against evil has brought him into contact with such heroes as Captain America, Spider-Man, the West Coast Avengers, and Daredevil!

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