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BLACKHAWK One of the most successful characters created by Quality Comics in the 1940s! Blackhawk was the mysterious leader of a squadron of fighter pilots called the Blackhawks; owing allegiance to no one nation, the Blackhawks fought Axis tyranny on their own! After the war, the Blackhawks continued to keep the world’s skies free from evil! Quality Comics published Blackhawk’s adventures continuously from 1941 until the company’s demise in 1956, during which time the character inspired both a radio drama and a movie serial! In 1956 the property moved to DC Comics, where Blackhawk has been a visible member of the DC Universe ever since, often interacting with other DC characters such as the Justice League and All-Star Squadron!

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DR. OCCULT The first super-hero ever published by DC Comics! Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of the later and much more successful Superman, Dr. Occult first appeared in New Fun Comics#6, 1935! His adventures continued until 1937; and while he usually wore a trenchcoat and fedora, in one adventure he wore a special costume, becoming the first costumed super-hero! Dr. Occult was unseen for nearly fifty years, until Golden-Age aficionado Roy Thomas brought him back in All-Star Squadron #49, 1985! Since then he has continued to appear in the DC Universe, in such titles as Books of Magic, Reign in Hell, and Justice League Dark.


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SILVER SCARAB The son of the Golden-Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl! Hector Hall used his father’s gravity-defying Ninth Metal to build a suit of solar-powered armor that gave him the power to become the super-hero Silver Scarab! Rejected for membership in the legendary Justice Society of America, Silver Scarab joined with other second-generation heroes to form Infinity, Inc!

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