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Shining Knight

THE SHINING KNIGHT First appearing in Adventure Comics #66, the Shining Knight was an actual knight from King Arthur’s court, frozen in a glacier for a thousand years and revived in 1941 to join the ever-growing stable of DC Comics super-heroes! In the 1940s the Shining Knight was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory; in the 1980s, Roy Thomas made him a core member of the All-Star Squadron!


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Stegron The Dinosaur Man

STEGRON THE DINOSAUR MAN Dr. Vincent Stegron used dinosaur tissue samples from the Savage Land and the chemical formulae created by Dr. Curtis Connors (the Lizard) to change himself into a powerful half-man, half-dinosaur creature! Stegron’s schemes to take over the world have always been thwarted by the amazing Spider-Man, sometimes assisted by such other heroes as Ka-Zar and the Black Panther!


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Clock King

CLOCK KING With a name inspired by a Green Arrow villain from the comics, Clock King was a master of time-inspired crimes! Portrayed by veteran character actor Walter Slezak, the Clock King appeared in one second season two-part episode, scripted by longtime Batman comic writer Bill Finger!


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