Totaltoys is BACK!! And it’s about time!  The fun that he brings with his latest releases does not end!! Until I buy them all! (or you do!) Totaltoyz on eBay!


BARON BLOOD The younger son of an English lord, John Falsworth sought his fortune elsewhere. Seeking to gain mastery of the Lord of the Vampires, Dracula himself, Falsworth instead became one of Dracula’s minions! As Baron Blood, he allied himself with the German Army in two World Wars, and has fought three generations of Union Jack, as well as Captain America and the Invaders!


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CONAN THE BARBARIAN The most famous of all “sword and sorcery” heroes, Conan the Barbarian was created in the pulp magazines of the 1930s by proliferate writer Robert E. Howard! In the early 1970s, Roy Thomas and John Buscema brought Conan to four-color life in Marvel Comics, creating a whole new generation of fans for the Cimmerian swordsman!


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THE MIMIC A chemical accident gave Calvin Rankin the power to duplicate the abilities of anyone close to him! When he duplicated the abilities of the original X-Men, Calvin became The Mimic! Endowed with the powers of Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, Marvel Girl, and Professor X, The Mimic became the first new recruit to the X-Men after their initial appearance, as well as the first non-mutant member of the team!


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THE ORB His face horribly disfigured in a motorcycle accident for which he blamed his ex-partner Crash Simpson, Drake Shannon hid his scars behind a hypnotic helmet and became The Orb! First appearing inMarvel Team-Up #15, 1973, the Orb battled Spider-Man and Crash Simpson’s protégé, Johnny Blaze, the supernatural hero Ghost Rider! The Orb went on to become Ghost Rider’s most proliferate opponent of the 1970s!


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