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Doctor Strange

DOCTOR STRANGE Marvel Comics’ sorcerer supreme! In 1968, Marvel updated Dr. Strange’s costume, giving him a somewhat more traditional “super-hero” look. This outfit lasted only a few years, with Doctor Strange returning to his classic look just in time to help found the dynamic Defenders!

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John Jameson

JOHN JAMESON First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, 1963, John Jameson is the son of J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man’s harshest critic! An acclaimed astronaut, John Jameson was the first person whose life was saved by Spider-Man (not that this changed his father’s mind about Spidey)! Once, John Jameson came into contact with alien spores during a space-walk, that temporarily made him larger, stronger, and a whole lot more aggressive! Wearing a special NASA-designed suit to allow him to control his newfound strength, John Jameson tried to defeat and capture Spider-Man!

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