Have a look at what’s new this week from Totaltoyz!  MUReview is spoiled rotten with things that we must buy!!!

Check out what else he has in the hopper over at Totaltoyz on eBay.


The Icicle

 The original Icicle was one of three super-villains who were killed invading the Anti-Monitor’s fortress during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


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Doctor Strange once defeated Xandu by magically causing himself and Spider-Man to temporarily switch powers.


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Crimson Dynamo

Three different men have worn this version of the Crimson Dynamo armor; including Yuri Petrovitch, estranged son of Ivan Petrovitch, the Black Widow’s chauffeur and bodyguard.

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Happy biddin

Charlie 27

Rancor, an evil descendant of Wolverine, once created a clone of Charlie-27 and framed him for its crimes.


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The Black Manta

black manta

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The Super Skrull

super skrull

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Happy Bidding everyone!

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