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I Vampire

I, VAMPIRE A horror adventure series from DC Comics in the early 1980s! Andrew Bennett was turned into a vampire in the year 1591, and has since devoted his “un-life” to hunting down other vampires (and, for some reason, was still wearing the same clothes by 1981)! HeroClix released an “I, Vampire” Clix in their recent Justice League: Trinity War set, but sculpted him in his “New 52” incarnation. This custom HeroClix depicts I, Vampire in his classic look, as originally drawn by such artists as Tom Sutton, Michael Kaluta, Joe Kubert, and Jim Aparo!


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Red Sonja

RED SONJA Robert E. Howard’s she-devil with a sword! A fierce fighting female every inch as tough as Howard’s most famous creation, Conan the Barbarian! Red Sonja was published in comic books by Marvel Comics in the 1970s (and even managed a team-up with Spider-Man!), and several other comics companies since; and was even the subject of a 1985 feature film!

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KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER Carl Kolchak, investigative reporter with a scent for the supernatural! Winningly portrayed by Darren McGavin, Carl Kolchak first appeared in two made-for-television movies in 1972 and 1973, then a sadly short-lived weekly series on ABC in the 1974-75 season!

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Ocean Master

THE OCEAN MASTER Half-brother of Aquaman, the Ocean Master has been Aquaman’s most proliferate opponent! His unceasing efforts to dethrone Aquaman as King of the Seas have often drawn other heroes into their battles (such as Superman, Batman, and the Teen Titans), as well as leading Ocean Master to joining several different groups of villains to battle Aquaman and his comrades in the Justice League of America!

ocean master

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