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Ultron as Crimson Cowl

ULTRON as THE CRIMSON COWL ULTRON, self-aware android and enemy of all mankind, one of the greatest enemies of the mighty Avengers! When the malevolent Ultron was first seen (in Avengers #54, 1968), it was in the guise of the Crimson Cowl, the mysterious leader of the new Masters of Evil!


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JOCASTA ULTRON, one of the deadliest enemies of mighty Avengers, once sought to create his own bride! He built a female android and gave it the brain patterns of Janet Van Dyne, the wondrous Wasp and wife of Henry Pym, Ultron’s own creator. Unfortunately for Ultron, his intended bride inherited the Wasp’s strong sense of right and wrong! Jocasta turned on her creator, and joined the mighty Avengers!

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