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BADOONTHE MELTER Longtime enemy of the invincible Iron Man! Wielder of a unique weapon that causes matter to dissolve without the use of heat, the Melter has battled Iron Man time and again, and has also fought the mighty Avengers as a member of their opposite number, the Masters of Evil! Warlike race from beyond the stars, the Badoon have long sought to add the planet Earth to their conquests! In the 20th Century their efforts were stopped by such heroes as the Silver Surfer, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four! In the 30th Century the Badoon succeeded in conquering the Earth; but a new team of heroes, called the Guardians of the Galaxy, rose to oppose them! The Guardians eventually overthrew the Badoon (with the help of time-traveling heroes like Captain America, the Thing, and the Defenders)!


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The Puzzler

THE PUZZLER Criminal master of puzzles and wordplay, and aficionado of Shakespeare, The Puzzler was created to replace the Riddler on the Batman television show while Frank Gorshin was in contract negotiations! Hammily portrayed by Maurice Evans (Dr. Zaius in the Planet of the Apes movies; Samantha’s father on Bewitched), the Puzzler appeared in just one two-part episode!


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Tom Thumb

TOM THUMB The brain of a super-genius in the body of a dwarf! Member of the Squadron Supreme, Marvel Comics’ pastiche of DC Comics’ Justice League of America! Created by Roy Thomas and later used to great effect by such writers as Steve Englehart, J.M. DeMatteis, and Mark Gruenwald! The Atom being the only Justice League member whose counterpart in the Justice Society of America had completely different powers and abilities, Tom Thumb combined attributes of both Atoms (the scientific genius of one and the diminutive size of the other).


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MANTIS Enigmatic heroine created by Steve Englehart during his legendary run as Avengers scribe, Mantis was most recently seen as part of Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy!


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Green Lantern – John Stewart

GREEN LANTERN JOHN STEWART DC Comics’ first African-American costumed super-hero, John Stewart first appeared in Green Lantern #87, 1972 (a bit slow out of the gate, weren’t they?). He appeared only sporadically in DC Comics until 1985, when Steve Englehart made him Earth’s primary Green Lantern (Hal Jordan having resigned to devote himself to his relationship with Carol Ferris). Since then, John Stewart has served as the Green Lantern in the Justice League, both in the comics and on the animated TV series!


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Jor El

JOR-EL Superman’s biological father, the only one to foresee the destruction of the planet Krypton, Jor-El sent his infant son to Earth and thus began the legend of Superman, Earth’s greatest hero!


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Lex Luthor

LEX LUTHOR The undisputed greatest enemy of the Man of Steel! Luthor has been fighting Superman since Action Comics #23, 1940! In the 1970s Luthor gained widespread prominence as the leader of the Legion of Doom on TV’s “Superfriends”!


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