As if this weeks figures weren’t enough Onlinebuyer21 (Alan) has given us a list of upcoming figures for the next six weeks.  We will have pics of each auction each week, but for now take a look at what Alan has in store for us:

Week 1 (Starts this week)
Astonishing Colossus
Super Skrull
Omega Red
Black Bolt

Week 2 (Starts October 24th)
Emma Frost
X-men Deadpool
X-force Nightcrawler
Maestro hulk
Gold Skin Absorbing Man

Week 3 (Starts October 31st)
Age of Apocalypse Sunfire
Flash Thompson Venom
Modern Wonder Woman in MU style (hehe)

Week 4 (Starts November 7th)
Ultimate Hawkeye
Dr strange Modern Clothes
Future Foundation thing (body suit)

Week 5 (Starts November 14th)
X-factor Havok
Gold Absorbing Man
Emma Frost
Rogue (jim lee style)
X-23 (new x-men repaint)

Week 6 (Starts November 21st)
Age of Apocalypse Sunfire
Sabertooth (single carded)
Armored Spider-man

Also, if you purchase any of these figures and mention OnlineBuyer21 will offer  10% off the auction or free shipping.  The greater amount wins out.

Lastly, Onlinebuyer21 is now taking direct orders for customs. If you are interested in having the figure of your dreams just let us know and we will put you in direct contact with Onlinebuyer21.

Happy bidding and to wet your appetite here are a few action shots of some of the customs mentioned above!

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