OnlineBuyer21 (Alan) has just put up his February 2012 week 1 lineup.  We see a good chunk of single carded figures, and some nice new comers, Ares, Big Time Spidey, a proper FF Thing.  Yer probably end up bidding against me for Ares.

Please remember that Alan donates these customs to our site as giveaways for you for several reasons. 

1 He’s awesome
2 We are awesome
3 He wants to share what he’s putting out into the world
4 He wants to continue following his passion while either coming out of pocket minimally or even making a little money.

I’m sure that you have all purchased something from him on eBay knowingly or not which I can’t encourage enough.  If you heard about his customs from us though, let him know!  We want to make sure he has a reason to keep coming back to MUReview and to keep giving us free stuff to give to you!

Check out what else he has in the hopper over at Imagination Toys

Here are pictures of each figure up for auction and of course the links and his full eBay Store

Also, congratulations to Alan on his first above $200 auction for the Sharon Carter custom! Keep this man in bi’ness!


Future Foundation Thing

Buy me HERE!

X-Force Archangel

Buy me HERE!


Buy me HERE!

Astonishing Nightcrawler

Buy me HERE!


Buy me HERE!

Big Time Spider-Man

Buy me HERE!


Buy me HERE!

Also check out a few hold overs from 2012 so far!

Classic Iron Fist on Single Card

Single Card Bullseye

Orson Rand Iron Fist

Fantastic Four Iron Man

Classic Luke Cage on Single Card

Happy bidding everyone!


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