Just a change in schedule a little bit.  After an epic run of 10 days of reviews, on the 11th day we are going to have to rest because our box from Hasbro hasn’t showed up yet.  We hope to have the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier review to you no later than this weekend.  However, we can’t be any more happy about what is below so check it out and welcome Moonchie!

MUReview.net is proud to formally introduce one our newest partners in crime, Moonchie Customs!  We will be publishing links to his custom auctions weekly so be on the lookout!   You can find him at Moonchiecustoms.com  and you can catch all of his eBay customs HERE.

We got a chance to talk with Moonchie and try to get into what makes this outstanding custom maker tick.  Read on!

DJ – What inspired you to customize?

Moonchie –  I have always been a creative person. I feel that making custom figures was a great way for me to release some of my creativity in an art form that I can share with the world. A big reason that got me going was the fact that although the MU line has such a vast amount of characters made, there are always those characters that you love and can’t wait for them to make. So instead of waiting, I decided to make my own.


DJ – How long have you been customizing?

Moonchie –  Believe it or not I’ve been customizing since I was a little kid.  Back in the day (about 20+ years ago) I was a big Dragon Ball fan.  So I used to paint my WWF wrestling figures to make them into Dragon Ball characters.  I remember painting a GI JOE Gung Ho into Kryllin because he had a bald head. However, after that phase in my life, I hadn’t touched the paints until recently when I picked up interest in the MU line.  It’s the lack of some of my favorite characters in the line that really sparked my interest to really want to make my own customs again.


DJ – If there was one character out there that you’d want a figure of that doesn’t already exist, the one must have Marvel character, who would it be? And did you already make yourself a custom of that character?

Moonchie – I would really love a fully functional Onslaught.  I know we have the Marvel Legends version, but I would really love one that you can put a professor X in the body, or something a lot more functional and articulated over the ML BAF.  In regards to regular figures, I’ve made all of the customs that I really wanted the MU line to make such as; Bishop, White Queen, Blackbolt, etc.


DJ – How long does it take you to make a custom start to finish, any favorite materials, anything harder to work with, easier to work with?

Moonchie – Jobs take anywhere from 3 or 4 hours to 3 to 4 days to sometimes even weeks, it really varies with the project. I have an array of different acrylic paints I use from various companies.  To achieve certain shades, texture, or compound I use a certain type of brand of paint.


DJ – What is the most challenging custom you have ever undertaken?

Moonchie – The most challenging custom I have ever undertaken was probably my Deadpool Mechbot.  The robot had a custom layered candy red paint job similar to that of a model car but with “weathered” features to give it that “mech” look.  The box and packaging also took awhile to make but I thought it came out very nice.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t much of a hit as I thought it would be and let it go for a very low price.

Deadpool MechBot 


DJ – Any advice for aspiring customizers?

Moonchie – Keep trying new things. You will not become an overnight sensation without screwing up a few times.  It takes a lot of time, patience and dedication.  I would also recommend getting to know and become friendly with other customizers who share your same passion.  Always respect others and keep an open communication with them.  Try your best to not steal ideas without speaking with them first.  The number one thing I would hate is if a new guy on the block comes and steals my ideas without speaking to me first.


DJ – In addition to creating, you are a collector.  The Moonchie Customs that I have seen are all on card, but when it comes down to your own personal collection, how do you like to display?  Where do you display?

Moonchie – I used to display them in a glass case with leveled stands.  However, I now have way too many MUs that I now use standard shelves instead. Currently, I have one shelf of all my X-men related figures (I’m a huge X-men fan) and also an Avengers shelf, I also have plans for a Spiderman shelf coming soon. I’m thinking of creating a new diorama setup for the shelves in the near future to give it an additional pop.







DJ – We can tell you have an interest in the Marvel Universe line, but are there any other lines you branch your collecting into?  Any other lines you customize with?

Moonchie – I collect way too many lines.  I have an addiction to collecting ThreeA figures (my most expensive addiction), SOTA Street Fighter, and Urban Vinyl figures (dunnys, KidRobot).  I’m also a semi- Marvel Legends collector and have started to become a big fan especially of the new revamp. I am also venturing out and experimenting in customizing more of the 6” Marvel Legends scale figures.







DJ – What is the future for Moonchie Customs, well I can tell you a little bit, as you (the reader) can see, they have found a place on our pages here at MUReview.net and we are proud to announce that we will be bringing you weekly announcements of any new custom auctions that he puts up on eBay.  Really though…what’s next for Moonchie?  Will you be pumping out customs endlessly through eBay? Putting up your own site?

Moonchie – My most immediate plan is to get moonchiecustoms.com up and running to its fullest.  I have pictures of over 30-40 customs that I would like to make individual profiles of and also incorporate it with a lot of new features so hopefully in the next few weeks/months I can get the page up and running.

I still plan on putting up some customs on eBay but ultimately I would prefer to do strictly commissions and incorporate customs outside of eBay. (those fees are killer!) As of right now I still plan to utilize eBay while I aim to fulfill more and more commissions directly to customers.


Thanks to Moonchie Customs for his time and honesty.  We are happy to have you as part of our little corner of the Internet on MUReview.net.  We can’t wait to start posting your weekly auctions for the readers to get excited about.  You can catch all of his eBay customs HERE.


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