Wow just wow.  Friend to MUReview and custom figure creator Onlinebuyer21 (Alan) continues his masterful work with these latest eBay posts of customs with Emma Frost, Nick Fury, Sunfire and Silver Savage.

Alan’s work is truly going to another level as can be seen with his attention to detail on the custom packaging.  We have come to expect nothing less from him and here are some photos of his latest creations.

Alan has a nice little eBay store HERE

Alan is also doing a little fundraising over at his Facebook page.  Check that out HERE

Check out images and links to his auctions below:

Emma Frost "White Queen"

 You can bid on Emma Frost HERE.

Nick Fury

You can bid on Nick Fury HERE.

Silver Savage

You can bid on Silver Savage HERE.


You can bid on Sunfire HERE.

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