Custom Cosmic Captain Marvel

I have to be honest, I did a review on Alan’s Fantomex, and it’s incredible, but it’s not really fair.  What he produces are one of a kind models of never before seen characters at the Marvel Universe scale.  I’m in awe of what he’s able to pull off, and any review I do is going to be remarkably biased.  That said….


Displayed front and center (1000 out of 5)

Check out these up close images of the boxed, and un-boxed Cosmic Captain Marvel!  Stay tuned to MUReview for news on the latest Onlinebuyer21 (eBay), Alan custom giveaway (coming soon….patent pending)

Also, don’t forget to check out the latest from Alan on eBay HERE…probably best to check later, looks like he’s got nothing up..but you can look at what he’s working on HERE.



Rating System: Each figure will be reviewed under the following categories:
Character Likeness
OverallEach figure will then be given an overall grade out of 5 levels:
Displayed front and center – Perfect score
Displayed but more to the side – Second best, nothing wrong with that
Displayed somewhere I might see it – Displayed, it’s good, I like it, not as much as others.
Displayed but buried in the back – Not all that great, but no other options for this figure
Stored* – It’s really not worth displaying. 
*This will be caveat-ed, if the figure is excellent but is being moved out in favor of a better version of the same character, this will be explained.


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