Information is beginning to leak out of the left coast comic thingy (SDCC 2013!). (has nothing to do with, no affiliation whatsoever, but we’ve always liked them and you should too…) has been putting up photos of the Marvel displays at the Hasbro booth.  You can check them out…


I fully expect you to click that link and love those pictures, but I’m just going to muse a little…

  • Marvel Universe – Still no confirmation on packaging for Cloak and Dagger?
  • Marvel Universe – The Watcher is on the back of packaging for…?
  • Marvel Legends – Batroc
  • Marvel Legends – Jubilee
  • Marvel Legends – Blizzard
  • Marvel Legends – Venom (Flash / nu Venom).
  • Marvel Legends – Songbird
  • Marvel Legends – Tiger Shark
  • Avengers Assemble – Nothing new…no wait, is that Nick Fury?
  • Thor – all the stuff we knew we’d get.
  • Wolverine, I think we knew about all of that.

Muse on folks.  I’ll keep stuff coming as I find it.



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