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Long time friend of MUReview Mike Drake recently penned a  book called Contemporary Krampus.  Having never really known much about Krampus, and with some recent media attention surrounding Krampus (the man…or woman has a movie comin’ out!), my curiosity was piqued when I got an email that Mike’s book was available.  A few days later, not one, but two copies of Contemporary Krampus showed up at MUReview headquarters.  We used one to read and review, and the other, we are giving that away to you wonderful folks.  Just read the review first, giveaway details are way down below.  Also note – Contemporary Krampus is available for purchase now!

Contemporary Krampus

Contemporary Krampus takes the Krampus character into the modern era of art by showing current day artistic renderings of the Anti-Santa as composed by some of today’s most innovative artistic minds.  Drake does an outstanding job of bringing together all of these brilliant works of entertaining and sometimes terrifying works of art into a highly legible collection.

What I liked

  • There is so much intense art in this book.  Mike Drake really put together an outstanding crop of disturbing and enlightening images.
  • I liked a lot of specific photos, I’ll share a few below and why.

Asia Erickson – page 105

Why I like it – It’s a freaking baby demon!

Photo Nov 10, 8 16 34 AM











Eric G. Salisbury – page 98

Why I like it – In my opinion this is one of the most disturbing images in the book.

Photo Nov 10, 8 16 01 AM












Liran Szeiman – page 76

Why I like it – Next to a baby demon, this wins cutest of book.

Photo Nov 10, 8 15 36 AM












Phil Dragash – page 64

Why I like it – This is a freaking creepy picture.  Freaking creepy.

Photo Nov 10, 8 14 54 AM












Jack Hart – page 48

Why I like it – Reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas…which I was never a fan of, but my kids love it.  So it gets points.

Photo Nov 10, 8 14 30 AM












Melissa Ciccocioppo – page 38

Why I like it – Why isn’t this a Skylander?!?!

Photo Nov 10, 8 14 02 AM












Alex Diochon – page 22

Why I like it – This throws me back to the Zelda Wind Waker art style, which I absolutely loved!

Photo Nov 10, 8 13 31 AM













What I didn’t like

  • The only down side to the book for me was that I was a little confused the first time I saw an entry from the point of view of the artist (not from the perspective of the author), there were quite a few entries like this.  It’s not a big negative, it’s more about the fact that I had the expectation that the words were all coming from the author (which mind you I enjoyed and was looking for even more from), so when it was obvious that someone else was speaking, specifically at first, I was a little confused.

What was missing

  • For me, any collection considering modern artistic awesomeness is incomplete without a contribution from the guys over at Penny Arcade.  Being familiar with their portfolio, a cartoon Krampus is right up their alley and I was a little let down to not see anything from them in this collection.


The Giveaway

MUReview is elated to be able to give our readers the chance to win their own copy of Contemporary Krampus courtesy of author Mike Drake!


How to enter


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