Dorbz: Horror

Cute and spooky! New horror-themed Dorbz are on the way!

Chucky, the creepy child doll from “Bride of Chucky” is joined by Gizmo and Stripe from “Gremlins”!
There’s also Cthulhu — every 1 in 6 glows in the dark!

Coming this fall!

Coming in September!

Pen Toppers: Horror

Horror Pen Toppers are also coming!

This set includes Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky, and Leatherface.

Coming in September!

Horror Mystery Minis

The horror theme continues with all-new Mystery Minis!

Featuring favorites from several scary classics! Open the box
and find Jaws, Slimer, Wolfman, or the twins from “The Shining”, to name a few.

Collect them this fall!


Coming in October!

Mopeez: AMC’s The Walking Dead

Kick off the new season of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” with new Mopeez!

Choose from Hershel, Michonne, Tyreese, Rick, Daryl, and Glenn.

Collect them all this September!

Coming in September!

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